What is orly short for?

Oh really

If you want to show interest or skepticism in response to someone's claim or statement, you can send "orly." The abbreviation is short for "oh, really," and is often used in text messages and online with a question mark (orly?).

When used earnestly, you may send it to show interest in what the person is saying and want to know more information. For example, your friend may be texting you about how she went on a date with a trapeze artist, and the subject piques your interest.

When used sarcastically, you may send it to show fake interest or skepticism in what the individual just said. For example, a person may be ranting online about how she feels so overworked working her part-time job, and you are faking sympathy.


I heard Ryan asked out Jill last week
orly? interesting

When your friend raves about her new drummer bf

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Updated July 8, 2021

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