NW has 2 meanings
1. What does NW stand for?

No worries

NW stands for "No worries," which is another way to say "No problem" or "You are welcome." It is typically used online or in text messages in response to being thanked or an apology.

The "NW" acronym gained usage in the late-1990s and early-2000s as online chat rooms and instant messaging became popular. While it may be used by teenagers, it is most often used by older adults.

A person may send it if he is bashful about being thanked and does not like to take credit for doing nice things for others. Or a laid back person may use it if he is being apologized to and is trying to reassure the other person that no harm was done or offense was taken.

The acronym is similar to the more commonly used "NP" acronym that stands for "No problem." Some other alternative acronyms to "NW" include "NBD" and "NPS."


Thx again for checking on the house while we were gone
NW means
NW means No worries

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Updated September 14, 2020
2. What does NW stand for?

No way

Incredulous people use NW to mean "no way." You're most likely to receive this acronym in text or chat messages, sent by someone who doesn't believe what you've just told them.

NW can also be used as an exclamation, such as in the sentence "NW, I won't do that!" When someone uses NW this way, it means they really, really do not want to do a thing.


There is NW I am working this Saturday. I'll make him fire me first
I mean, you could easily find a better job

A woman who is about to send NW

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Updated November 30, 2022

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