What is a polycule?

A connected group of non-monogamous relationships

A polycule is a network of interconnected polyamorous (meaning "non-monogamous romantic") relationships. For example, if Jean is involved with Karl and Mike, and Karl and Mike are involved with Luke and Penelope, Jean might refer to Karl, Mike, Luke, and Penelope (as well as any other connected partners) as members of their polycule.

As you may have already guessed, polycule is a portmanteau of the words polyamorous and molecule. Poly people coined it because when they diagram their interconnected romantic relationships, the diagrams often resemble those of the bonds between atoms in a molecule. (Also, molecular bonds are bonds of attraction, just like the bonds in a polycule.)


My polycule is myself, my husband, his boyfriend, his boyfriend's boyfriend, and my girlfriend. Last week, we all went out to dinner together; it was fun!
A Redditor showing off their polycule
A Redditor showing off their polycule

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Updated July 7, 2023

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