Proxy Beef

What is a proxy beef?

Disliking someone on your friend's behalf

A proxy beef is when you dislike someone not because they did something to you, but because your friend has a problem with them. For example, if you dislike John Smith because he insulted your friend Amanda, then you have a proxy beef with John.

Proxy beef is a compound term that combines the term beef with the word proxy. A proxy, of course, is a person who is authorized to act for another in some capacity. In the case of a proxy beef, the action you're authorized to take is hating the person who angered your friend. (Because how dare they.)


I've got a proxy beef going with Katie because she left Miles stranded the other day
So I shouldn't invite her then?
Yah, please don't

When you're about to start a proxy beef

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Updated June 14, 2023

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