What does pumped mean?


Being pumped is another way to say that you are very excited. It comes from the idea of being "pumped up" with energy or excitement much like a balloon is pumped up with air.

Pumped is most often used in relation to some sort of sporting activity, whether it be watching a game or playing in a game. People get pumped up with adrenaline, or steroids if you played in the 1990s, during these games.

You will most likely hear it from bros, teenagers, and young adults. They typically utter it when describing how excited they are to party, to play or watch an athletic competition, like football or basketball, or to go to a musical concert. It is one of many slang words for excitement, with some others including juiced, amped, and stoked.


I'm pumped for the football game this weekend!

Getting pumped for the game

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Updated December 22, 2020

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