What does SCROTUS stand for?

So-called ruler of the United States

SCROTUS is an acronym for so-called ruler of the United States, which is used to refer to Donald Trump. It is used as a substitute for POTUS by people who don't like Trump.

It is believed that comedian Elayne Boosler originally used the phrase. It became popular in February 2017 as people who did not like Trump thought it was a fitting way to describe the brash president since it sounds like "scrotum." Much of the disdain for Trump comes from his misogynous behavior, mocking of a disabled reporter, anti-immigrant sentiments, and the fact that he did not win the popular vote in the election.


Ugh, I can't stand to see SCROTUS in the news again
Yeah, it seems like every day something cray is happening
Elayne Boosler tweeting about SCROTUS
Elayne Boosler tweeting about SCROTUS

SCROTUS says "deal with it"

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Updated February 22, 2017

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