Slow Fade

What does slow fade mean?

To gradually stop talking to someone

Slow fade is when a person gradually slows communication with another person. It commonly occurs when a person is no longer interested in another person but doesn't want to be mean and outright stop talking to him or her.

The slow fade method of ending a relationship is the choice of many passive people who avoid conflict. It is similar to the slow fade out of a scene or light where everything grows dimmer and eventually there's nothing there. It may take the form of text responses getting farther and farther apart or phone calls becoming less numerous. Be careful who you slow fade because some people won't be happy without a clear resolution and may become cray cray and stalk you.


I'm not that high on her anymore so I'm just gonna slow fade her out of my life

It would be impossible to slow fade Gosling out of your life

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Updated March 15, 2017

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