What does it mean to be sloshed?


When a person is sloshed, they are inebriated from alcohol or drugs. In this event, their judgment is impaired, which means they are not thinking clearly and have diminished motor skills.

The origins of sloshed date back to the 1940s. At the time, people primarily used the term to refer to playing around in the water (variation of splashing). Then, however, they morphed it into a slang term for intoxication when describing the consumed alcohol as sloshing around in their stomachs.

Nowadays, teens and young adults sometimes use the term in person or online to refer to intoxication. For example, some college friends may remark about how sloshed Mark was at the rager last night.


I can't believe how sloshed Becca is already
Yeah, she needs to slow down on the drinks
Sloshed tweet confession
Sloshed tweet confession

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Updated April 12, 2022

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