What does SOP stand for?

Standard operating procedure

An SOP (pronounced "S-O-P") is an organization's tried-and-true method of responding to a situation. SOP is a common way of abbreviating "standard operating procedure" in corporate emails and other business-related communications.

Many organizations develop step-based SOPs for tasks that their members regularly carry out. Having an SOP in place can save personnel the time of puzzling out how to complete a task, and it can standardize the task's outcome. (It can also, however, make personnel feel like they are interchangeable cogs in a restrictive, uncaring machine.)


I thought it was kind of a strange way of doing things, but he said it was SOP
A Redditor discussing their workplace's lack of SOPs
A Redditor discussing their workplace's lack of SOPs

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Updated March 1, 2023

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