What does STAR stand for?

Stop, think, act, review

Teachers, school counselors, and others working with students may use STAR to stand for "stop, think, act, review." This decision-making and problem-solving strategy encourages students to:

  1. Stop, so they don't thoughtlessly act on whatever idea first comes to mind.
  2. Think about their proposed course of action, alternatives, and the consequences of each.
  3. Act on their best plan.
  4. Review their decision afterward, to see if it was correct or could be improved.

Some businesses may also use and discuss the STAR strategy, to help their employees learn how to make better decisions.


It took a few months, but I finally got myself to slow down and use the STAR strategy when making decisions
Great, you're now making plans at an elementary school level

A girl who is stuck at the T in STAR

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Updated July 14, 2023

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