Sugar Baby

What does sugar baby mean?

A young person who uses an older person for money

A sugar baby is a young person who dates or marries an older person primarily for their money. People typically use this term to describe young females who are dating older males.

The origin of sugar baby

"Sugar" has been slang for money or gifts since the 1920s. A sugar baby receives "sugar" from their sugar daddy or sugar mama. These terms predated and inspired the creation of sugar baby.

How does being a sugar baby work?

Sugar babies, mamas, and daddies all get something out of their relationship. Sugar babies get gifts, financial security, and attention, while sugar daddies and mamas get to spend time (and be seen) with someone younger and more attractive. In addition, sugar babies and their older partners may genuinely like each other.


Did you see Charles' sugar baby?!?
Yeah, she's like 20 years younger than him!

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Updated June 6, 2022

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