What does TYSM stand for?

Thank you so much

TYSM stands for "thank you so much" and is a quick way to send gratitude online and in a text message. It is an extension of the TY acronym and variation of TYVM, and is especially useful when you are feeling extra grateful.

There are many circumstances in which you might send or receive TYSM. You may text it to a friend who just gave you a ride home from school, or you might thank someone on Facebook for inviting you to their party.

Since the acronym is not well known, be careful who you use it with since it may confuse them. You will then have to explain what it stands for, which defeats the whole purpose of using it in the first place.


It was so kind of you to bring over dinner last night. TYSM!

David loves being praised

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Updated January 29, 2021

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