What does whitelash mean?

White voter backlash

Whitelash is a political term that refers to a resistance by white voters against social progress among minority groups. It was made famous the night of the 2016 presidential election when political commentator Van Jones lamented the outcome.

Jones described that the election results were a product of white people voting against a changing country and a black president. He noted that many of the racist and sexist claims by Trump represented a portion of the voters' sentiments. Some criticized Jones for race-baiting while others applauded him for his candidness. Also, some dismissed the notion of a whitelash stating that the white voter turnout was less than it was for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.


We saw a whitelash by voters sick of not being represented anymore
Whitelash means
Whitelash means White voter backlash
Whitelash means
Whitelash means White voter backlash

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Updated November 10, 2016

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