What does whitepilled mean?

Optimistic about the future

Someone who is whitepilled is optimistic about society and the future. This term is primarily used by incels and other fringe groups, in contrast to the term blackpilled.

Both blackpilled and whitepilled people are unsatisfied with the current state of society. However, while blackpilled people are pessimists who believe society will never change for the better, whitepilled people are optimists who believe society can improve.

In some cases, blackpilled people use whitepilled as an insult, meant to belittle optimistic people's views. In these people's minds, the word whitepilled is synonymous with naive.


I have to believe things can get better
C'mon, that's just unfounded whitepilled optimism.
A use of whitepilled on Reddit
A use of whitepilled on Reddit

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Updated December 14, 2023

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