What does YATB stand for?

You are the best

YATB stands for "you are the best," which is a convenient way to compliment someone in a text or online. It is similar to the urgr8 compliment but a step above since the person is second to none in his awesomeness.

There are a variety of ways you may be dubbed "The best," but the compliment is typically given as part of a thank-you for doing something. You may have just helped a person solve a tough math equation, helped lift and move a heavy piece of furniture, or shared your last cookie.

The compliment is somewhat of an exaggeration since you most likely are not the best (or maybe you are). Instead, it's more of a reflection of the person's gratitude for you doing what you did or just for you being who you are, in general.


Thx 4 dinner 2nite! YATB!

YATB around, nothing's ever gonna keep you down

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Updated December 10, 2020

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