What is urgr8 short for?

You are great

Urgr8 is short for "you are great," which is a quick way to compliment someone online or in a text message. The "ur" stands for "you are" and "gr8" is short for "great."

It may be used by people of all ages to let someone know that they appreciate him or her in general, or something he or she just did. It may just be a platonic compliment or a way to initiate interest in a person and flirt with him or her.

Some instances where you may receive "Urgr8" include helping an old lady cross the street, tutoring a fellow student for free, serving food to the homeless, a funny YouTuber, or a caring babysitter. Also, if you are super hot you probably get "urgr8" compliments.


Thanks for the unexpected note today! URGR8

Urgr8 means you are great

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Updated December 10, 2020

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