What does it mean when someone is extra?

Over the top

Extra is a slang term that refers to a person who is over the top, most likely in an annoying way. The person is being overly dramatic and needs to be reined in, such as a plastered broseph trying to jump from a house roof into the pool or a teacher that is too strict. The term may also describe a person who is trying too hard, whether it be attempting to fit in or throw the best party ever.

Typically, extra is used as a negative term, similar to basic, and is meant to be a criticism of a person's behavior. If you are called "extra" you should try to take a step back and chill. It is commonly used as a noun or adjective.


You going to Tiffany's house later?
No, I can't handle her, everything about her is extra and I don't need that in my life right now

He is a bit extra

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Updated December 28, 2018

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