What is 2nte short for?


2nte is an abbreviation for "tonite," which is the informal spelling of "tonight." You will most likely see it when texting or chatting online with someone referencing an event that takes place on the evening of that current day.

An example of when you might encounter 2nte is when your friend invites you to an impromptu concert that evening ("You free for a concert 2nte?"). Or, your sister may describe that she's nervous about dinner with her future in-laws ("I just hope everything goes well 2nte. I'm nervous they won't like me.").

Another variation of 2nte is 2nite, which adds an "i"; also, 2nt is an abbreviation of 2nte that removes the "e." So many abbreviations.


When do you think you'll leave on your road trip?
Probably 2nte sometime
2nte tweet
2nte tweet

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Updated February 9, 2022

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