What does WAYDT stand for?

What are you doing tonight

When someone sends you "WAYDT," they want to know what you are doing that evening. A person may send it as a curious friend who just cares what you are doing or a person attracted to you that wants to get together romantically.

You will probably only encounter WAYDT in texts or messages online, like in social media DMs or chatrooms. If you like the sender in a romantic sense and want to accept the sender's advancements, you can share your plans for the evening in a flirty way. However, if you do not feel the sender's vibe, you can make something up to show you are busy or respond with NOYB.

People sometimes post WYDT on social media, like Twitter or Facebook, to hear about other users' plans. For example, they may send it on a Saturday or before a big event like New Year's Eve (NYE) or the Super Bowl (SB).


WAYDT? Do you have any plans?
Twitter WAYDT pick-up line
Twitter WAYDT pick-up line

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Updated February 14, 2022

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