What does 2Q mean in sports?

Second quarter

In sports, people may refer to the second quarter of a game as "2Q." You will typically see fans use 2Q on Twitter when discussing something that happened during the second quarter of a basketball or a football game.

For example, a basketball Twitter account may tweet, "LeBron is on fire in the 2Q!" You may also see 2Q on other social platforms like Facebook or TikTok. You might also see 2Q in messages, whether online, in texts, or in sports blogs.

Also, you might see 2Q used in business contexts to refer to the second quarter of the fiscal year. However, most people use Q2.


Barkley has had an amazing 2Q
I can't believe he scored 3 TDs!
2Q basketball tweet
2Q basketball tweet

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Updated January 31, 2023

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