What does 4 mean online and in text messages?


In most cases, 4 represents "four." However, people may also use the number as an abbreviation for "for," whether it be as a single word or part of a larger word or phrase, such as 4ever and 4got.

You may see people use 4 in many contexts online and in messages. For example, your friend may text you, "Can you bring the speakers 4 the dance 2nite?" Or, your mom may message you, "I 4got to put the groceries away in the fridge, can you take care of them?"

People may also use 4 in abbreviations and acronyms when emailing. For example, your co-worker may email you, "Can you 4ward me the reports you received from the client yesterday?"


I did an extra assignment 4 extra credit to help boost my grade
Did it work?
Yep. Brought my C+ up to a B
Tweet about dropping usernames 4 follows
Tweet about dropping usernames 4 follows

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Updated May 31, 2023

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