What is 4ward short for?


4ward is a common abbreviation for "forward," which people often use online. For example, your friend might message you to 4ward the video you shared earlier with him so he can share it with others.

You will often see 4ward when emailing with friends or family members. However, co-workers may frown upon the use of 4ward in business settings. In these cases, you can use fwd instead.

Besides 4warding emails, messages, videos, etc., you may also see people use 4ward as an abbreviation for generalling moving things 4ward. For example, your BFF may text you, "Looking 4ward to the concert tonite!"


Can u pls 4ward me the email with the directions?
Looking 4ward to your reply
Looking 4ward to your reply

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Updated June 6, 2022

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