What does 4U stand for in messages?

For you

4U is messaging shorthand for "for you" (simply a combination of 4 and U). People may use it by itself, in conjunction with other characters (i.e., "I have a ?4u"), or separated by a space (i.e., "I have an idea 4 u when u r ready to talk").

While most people use 4U in messages, such as texts and online DMs, they may also use it online in other contexts, like social sites. For example, your friend may comment on your recent post about your trip to Disney, "If you enjoyed the park do I have a story 4U!"


I picked up a new shirt 4u at the mall today
Thanks! I'll try it on after dinner
Most people use 4U in messages, such as DMs and texts
Most people use 4U in messages, such as DMs and texts

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Updated July 17, 2023

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