What does 4U2 stand for?

For you too

4U2 is a quick way to abbreviate "for you too." Typically, people use 4U2 to let others know that an invitation, gift, or other item is meant for both them and someone else. For example, if your BFF recently sent you a bottle of your SO's favorite wine, and you text them to say "Thx for the wine! Cindy loves it!," your friend may respond with "It's 4U2, u knw."

In some cases, 4U2 may instead mean "for you two." For example, if your mom recently sent you and your SO a gift, she may text to say "Just sent a little something 4u2, to let u know I'm thinking of u."


The invitation is 4u2, so ur welcome to come if you can make it
4U2 means "for you too"
4U2 means "for you too"

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Updated April 18, 2023

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