What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

A cryptocurrency marketing event

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a giveaway of free crypto coins. Airdrops are often part of marketing events, in which users receive coins in exchange for promoting a new or up-and-coming cryptocurrency. The coins are sent directly to a user's cryptocurrency wallet, provided the user completes the airdrop's conditions.

Are cryptocurrency airdrops scams?

No and yes. No, in that many airdrops are legitimate promotions, and yes, in that some airdrops are pump-and-dump schemes in which the cryptocurrency's owners are attempting to inflate their coins' value before selling them. Other malicious airdrops ask users to provide their crypto wallet's private key, which gives access to the users' other cryptocurrency. So, before you engage in a crypto airdrop, make sure you do your DD.


I'm so glad I hopped on that Dogecoin airdrop years ago. Now I just have to figure out when to sell
Details on a crypto airdrop
Details on a crypto airdrop

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Updated May 12, 2021

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