1. What is dust in cryptocurrency?

Tiny amounts of cryptocurrency

Dust is small amounts of cryptocurrency that a user can't spend, because the fee to conduct a crypto transaction is higher than the dust's value. For example, in March 2021, Bitcoin's transaction fee was $18.58. So, any amount of Bitcoin worth less than $18.58 was dust.

Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' transaction fees are variable, any amount of cryptocurrency could hypothetically become dust. Continuing the example above, if Bitcoin's transaction fee jumped to $100 (not unreasonable, given the transaction fee was just $0.59 in 2020), any amount of Bitcoin worth less than $100 would be dust.

Cryptocurrency users with multiple wallets often try to consolidate their dust into one "account" when transaction fees are low. Sometimes, malicious entities perform dust attacks, sending users dust in hopes that they can track the users' transactions and engage them in phishing or blackmail schemes.


I figured I'd be able to spend that leftover Bitcoin on a pizza or something in the future, but now it's just dust
A Reddit user wondering what to do with their crypto dust
A Reddit user wondering what to do with their crypto dust

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Updated May 12, 2021
2. What does Dust stand for?

Did you see that?

DUST is a quick way to ask someone if they saw something in a text or message online. Most people use it when talking about something noteworthy, whether it be funny, appalling, mesmerizing, or shocking.

For example, a friend may text you, "DUST crazy Karen in the parking lot when we left?" Or, you may message your brother, "DUST viral clip of the twin babies talking to each other?"

People may use DUCT instead of DUST since they stand for the same thing. Also, DUST is not a well-known acronym, so most people won't understand what it means or may think you're talking about actual dirt dust.


DUST Super Bowl TV commercial?
Which one?
The one with the flying dog eating chips
Yes, it was hilarious!

Whoa! DUST?!?

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Updated November 29, 2022

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