Bone Zone

What does bone zone mean?

Adoration for Ken Bone

Bone zone is a term created by fans of Ken Bone, aka boneheads, that refers to their adoration for the man. Ken Bone became an instant sensation when asking a question during the October 9, 2016 U.S. presidential town hall debate.

Ken Bone was a unique breath of fresh air for many during the debate when he asked the candidates about their plans for cleaner and environmentally-friendly energy resolutions. Also, he stood out because of his calm demeanor and physical appearance that consisted of a red cable sweater, black rim glasses, and mustache. The Twitterverse gushed over this man, creating the Ken Bone fandom, which is known as the Bone zone.


I'm jumping into the Bone Zone and buying his t-shirt

GIF created by a bonehead

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Updated October 14, 2016

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