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1. What does bonehead mean?


Bonehead means dumb or stupid. It is commonly used to describe a person who doesn't seem so smart or a poor decision.

The term comes from the idea that the individual has a thick skull and it's hard for the person to think intelligently or listen to smart ideas. The term could also mean stubborn instead of meaning a knock on the person's IQ.


Did you hear how much he paid for that car?
Yeah, I can't believe it, what a bonehead decision

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Updated October 11, 2016
2. What does bonehead mean?

A fan of Ken Bone

A bonehead is a term for a person who admires Ken Bone who became famous when asking a question during the October 9, 2016 U.S. presidential town hall debate. The term is meant to be endearing unlike the more popular "bonehead" definition, which means dumb or stupid.

Ken Bone stood out because of his physical appearance that consisted of a red cable sweater, black rim glasses, and mustache. People saw him as a unique breath of fresh air in an ugly and negative election. The Twitterverse gushed over this jolly man, creating memes, comparing him to superheroes, and tweeting out their desire to see him run for office. All this love led to the creation of the new definition for the bonehead term.


I just watched Ken Bone's interview on Kimmel and it's official, I'm a bonehead

Bone zone GIF made by a bonehead

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Updated October 14, 2016

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