What is brill short for?


When you think something is brilliant, like a genius meme or a moving story, you can describe it as "brill." People often use it while texting or messaging online, but they may also say it aloud.

You will likely see brill in compliments. For example, if your friend shares an idea about getting together with friends, you might remark, "That's a brill idea!" Or, if your BFF comes to the party with a slammin dress, you might say, "Gurl! U lookin brill!"

Pro tip: If you want to sound a little cooler, you can add a "z" to brill, to make it brillz.


I think Ryan and Anna should totes d8!
What a brill idea, u r the best!
Brill tweet
Brill tweet

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Updated December 19, 2022

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