What is a whiz?

A smart person

A "whiz" is a smart and clever person who learns quickly. People typically use it as a noun ("You're a whiz!"), but they may also add a descriptor to what you are especially good at ("You're a math whiz!").

There are several origin stories for where whiz comes from. The most prominent claim is that it comes from "Whiz Kid," which dates back to Quiz Kids, a 1940s radio program. However, others say it's just an abbreviation of "wizard."

When do people use whiz?

You will see whiz in all sorts of contexts, whether you are online, texting, or talking in person. Typically, people will use it when describing someone incredibly clever or intelligent about something.


That guy's a whiz with computers
Yeah, he got me up and running in 10 minutes!
Tweet about tech whiz Bill Gates
Tweet about tech whiz Bill Gates

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Updated July 5, 2022

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