What does brigading mean?

When one online community harasses another

Brigading means "harassing another online community." On Twitch, Reddit, and other online platforms, the members of one community sometimes take issue with another. If the first community begins collectively trolling the second, by posting a massive amount of inflammatory, offensive, and/or derailing comments, that's brigading.

Brigades can also be conducted against an individual, such as when a large, coordinated group of tweeters tweet provocative comments at a celebrity or a user who posted a hot take. Sometimes, brigades are conducted in good fun, but most often, they're toxic (and you should likely avoid joining in on them).


Did you see how badly those Star Wars trolls brigaded Kelly Marie Tran? I don't understand that sort of 'fan.'
A Reddit user's definition of brigading
A Reddit user's definition of brigading

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Updated November 11, 2020

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