What does BSTS stand for?

Better safe than sorry

If you don't like taking risks, BSTS may be your life motto. BSTS stands for "better safe than sorry" and is another way to say that it is better to play it safe than regret taking a risk.

Most people send BSTS online when gaming or messaging, or they may use it when texting. When gaming, people typically use it when conversing about strategy, such as how they should approach an enemy's base or where they should invest their resources.

When messaging, prime spots to use BSTS include weighing big decisions involving risk, such as taking a new job or contemplating revealing your true feelings to your crush. For example, you may send BSTS to your friend to encourage her to double-check if she locked her door when she's unsure if she did before leaving on vacay.


I haven't invested too much in the stock market recently b/c it's so volatile. BSTS, I guess

BSTS when you have a dangerous job

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Updated August 30, 2021

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