What is bstd short for?


Someone who got bstd (short for "busted") was caught doing something they shouldn't have. Typically, people are bstd by the police, their parents, their teacher, or some combination.

Just like busted, bstd can also mean "broken" or "malfunctioning." For example, your friend might tell you their "car is bstd" while explaining why they are asking you for a ride.

Finally, in some contexts, bstd could instead mean "b******," a swear word roughly equivalent to "scoundrel" or "a**hole." For example, if someone says "you're a bstd," they are likely calling you a b******, and not saying you are a busted.


I got bstd for throwing water balloons at cars again

It's typically not polite to gloat when people get bstd

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Updated August 3, 2021

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