What does BYH stand for?

Bless your heart

When thanking someone for a kind gesture, you can send them "BYH," which stands for "bless your heart." You may also use it to politely insult a person's intelligence after they do something stupid.

Where did BYH come from?

BYH comes from "Bless your heart," which is a popular phrase in the Southern United States. People began using BYH in the 2000s as cell phone and Internet usage grew.

When do I use BYH?

Most people send BYH in emails, texts, or online. Since the acronym's meaning depends on the situation you should be careful when using it. If you want to sincerely thank someone for performing a kind gesture, like volunteering at an event or donating money to a good cause, you can send them BYH.

If you want to use BYH more sinisterly, you could use it to discretely make fun of someone for doing something dumb and not knowing any better. Because that person is so incompetent they don't have the capacity to make a better decision and you feel bad for them.


BYH for how much volunteer work you've done for this organization!

You tried so hard, BYH!

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Updated June 1, 2021

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