What does Y2K mean in messages?

You're too kind

People may send "Y2K" in a message online or text to say "thank you" for a kind gesture. The acronym stands for "you're too kind," with the 2 representing "too."

An example of when you might receive Y2K is when your friend texts you their thanks to you for helping them study. Or, a co-worker may message you "Y2K when you wish them a happy birthday.

Most people do not send Y2K because many people confuse it with the abbreviation for "Year 2000." Instead, they typically send thx, TY, tnx, or thnq.


Did you receive the gift card?
Yes, I did, y2k!
Aww, shucks, Y2K
Aww, shucks, Y2K

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Updated June 13, 2022

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