What does URSKTM stand for?

You are so kind to me

URSKTM stands for "you are so kind to me," which is a way of thanking someone for being nice to you. It is most often used online and in text messages.

People that send this acronym may just want to share their gratitude for a person's kindness or may be trying to initiate something more on a romantic level. You may receive this acronym if you stand up to a cyberbully to protect his victim. Or you may receive it after helping a friend study for a big test.

Since the acronym is rather long and obscure, be careful who you use it with. If the person is not slang-savvy, he will probably have no clue what it means.


You really didn't have to do that... URSKTM!
URSKTM means
URSKTM means You are so kind to me

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Updated November 17, 2020

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