What is a channer?

A 4chan user

A "channer" is a person who uses 4chan, an image-based bulletin board site centered on people posting images and conversations regarding a wide range of topics. Christopher Poole created 4chan in 2003, attracting millions of users a month who typically post anonymously.

You will likely see channer online on social sites and in forums. For example, someone on Twitter may remark, "That guy is a clown. He's a channer, too. He shares stuff from there all the time."

It is one of many slang terms for social media users. others include YouTubers, TikTokers, Instagrammer, and Tweeple.


I didn't realize that Josh was a channer
Yeah, he's shown me some crazy stuff from that site
Reddit post looking for older users, including original channers
Reddit post looking for older users, including original channers

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Updated June 9, 2023

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