What does CONUS stand for?

Contiguous United States

CONUS is an acronym that stands for "contiguous United States" or "conterminous United States". It refers to the American states that border other states, which includes 48 states but excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

CONUS is most often used by the National Weather Service and U.S. Department of Defense. It is also commonly seen on websites and forums where items are purchased to indicate the shipping price to buyers in the contiguous United States.

CONUS may also be used to refer to the continental United States, which includes Alaska (because it is also located in North America) but excludes Hawaii. Another acronym similar to CONUS is OCONUS, which is used to refer to the states outside of the contiguous United States (Alaska and Hawaii) or continental United States (Hawaii), and the rest of the world.


Luke says the sweater is only $20 + $8 shipping CONUS
Who doesn't love a good tweet about CONUS temperatures?
Who doesn't love a good tweet about CONUS temperatures?

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Updated May 3, 2018

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