What is copypasta and how is it used online?

A block of text that is often copied and pasted online

Copypasta is an online slang term that refers to a snippet of text that is repeatedly copied and pasted. The block of text is often pasted in forums, chatrooms, and on social media to troll people.

The practice of copypasta is often done by people who think it's amusing to post random, bizarre, and funny things that are wildly off-topic. This is also commonly known as flaming, griefing, or trolling.

The origin of copypasta

Copypasta's origins trace back to the Anon community in 4chan in the mid-2000s. However, the term did not become popular until the early 2010s, when more users began posting copypasta to solicit reactions from oblivious users and as an inside joke for other savvy netizens to enjoy.

As moderators have become more aware of copypasta, they've begun banning people who post frequently copied text (even for a first-time offense). The term comes from the combination of "copy" and "paste," replacing the "e" in "paste" with an "a."


Jake posted some super offensive copypasta on a knitting forum and was immediately banned
Yup, images can also be copypasta
Yup, images can also be copypasta

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Updated June 6, 2022

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