What is a croomf on social media?

A social media follower crush

On social media, a "croomf" is someone who follows you that you have a crush on (or are obsessed with). It comes from the combination of "crush" and "OOMF."

For example, if you are on Twitter (also known as X), you may have a very attractive follower that you have developed a crush on leading you to refer to them with your friends as a "croomf." Or, you may be an influencer and find one of your followers intelligent and funny (with no romantic feelings) to the point where you always read their posts and want to be friends in real life.

Croomf is similar to oomfie, which people use to lovingly refer to followers they consider friends. However, croomf describes infatuation on a different level than oomfie friendship.


Why r u so giddy?
I have a croomf but I'm not telling. ;)
Giddy croomf post
Giddy croomf post

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Updated August 8, 2023

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