Twitter Slang

Twitter is the social networking site that popularized microblogging. Whether you're a celebrity with millions of followers or you're one of the millions who follow a celebrity, it's important to know common Twitter slang. The following list will help you interpret tweets and may also help you keep your own tweets under the 140 character limit.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
SimpA person who obsesses over someone that does not return the same affection
TweetTwitter post
RatioedReceiving many more replies than likes on your tweet
Don't @ meDon't mention me in your tweets
TwittersphereThe world of Twitter
HIFWHow I felt when
HandleTwitter username
ICYMIIn case you missed it
DM slideDirect message to a crush
Caught in 4KCaught in the act
Comfort idolA celebrity whose actions soothe you
Horny on mainActing lustful on your primary social account
MCMMan-crush Monday
MMMusic Monday
And I oopI'm so embarassed
TFFTwitter follower-friend
PMKIPretty much killin' it
FBFFlashback Friday
MistweetTweet mistake
Live-tweetTo tweet about something currently taking place
SubtweetSubliminal tweet
TBTThrowback Thursday
LRTLast retweet
RIP my mentionsI'm going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
CBBCan't be bothered
OOMFOne of my followers
SelteringSticking out your rear in a fitness pose
TweetsultInsulting tweet
F4FFollow for follow
HellmaxxingCommitting a series of sinful acts
WCWWoman-crush Wednesday
HNMHappy new month
VSCO girlsPreppy female teen Instagrammers
OTTOMHOff the top of my head
TweetupTwitter meetup
RIP to your mentionsYou're going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
MDLMight delete later
Sock puppet accountA fake online identity
PRTPlease Retweet
Sending meMaking me laugh
MootsPeople you follow on social media who follow you back
AlgospeakSlang used to bypass content filters
TweeterA person who tweets
TTTrending topic
TweepsTwitter peeps
Rage bakingBaking to relieve anger or stress
It meI identify with that
Retweet offenderA person who constantly retweets on Twitter
RLRTReal life retweet
Blue-checkedVerified on Twitter
The sidewalk ruleYour man should walk on the street side of the sidewalk
IBInspired by
FOMOFFear of missing out on football
NUMTOTSNew Urbanist Memes for Transit-oriented Teens
QRTQuote retweet
Fax, no printerTruth
PRTPartial retweet
DetweetTo delete a tweet
Twitter canoeBloated Twitter conversation with 3 or more users
TweepleTwitter people
HTHeard Through
skskskOvercome with emotion
AttwactionAttraction to a Twitter user
Sneaky linkSecret hook up
FFFollow Friday
MTModified tweet
ICYWTBEIn case you went to bed early
HTHat Tip
TFTFThanks for the follow
NTSNote to self
TwollowerTwitter follower
rthxRetweet thanks
FOMOHFear of missing out on hockey
TMBTweet me back
H/THat tip
Coming for necksMeans business
MentionA reference to a Twitter username in a tweet
TwitterverseTwitter universe
TwaddictTwitter addict
EavestweetingEavesdropping on Twitter conversations
TPMTweets per minute
MRTModified retweet
TwewbieTwitter newbie
DweetDrunk tweet