What does CSG mean in messages?

Chuckle snicker grin

CSG is an acronym similar to [C&G|c&g] but includes an "S" for "snicker" when you want to communicate mischievousness. For example, you may ask your sister if she knows where you left your keys, and she may reply with, "I haven't seen them since they were in your car, CSG."

You may also use CSG when you are laughing at something you shouldn't. For example, a person may comment "CSG" on a video of people falling.

Remember that CSG is obscure, and most people will not understand what it means. If you don't want to use CSG, you could use BEG when doing something playfully evil.


I just sent a msg to her on an anonymous account, CSG
You troublemaker!

Classic CSG

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Updated March 6, 2023

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