What is ctr short for?


Ctr is a common abbreviation people may use when referring to a "center," such as the center of an object or a community center. People may also use it as a verb (e.g., centering an object or centering yourself).

You will likely see "ctr" in messages, whether online or in texts. For example, your friend may ask, "You going to the ctr for games tmrw?" Or, you may tell your partner, "I know I'm OCD, but pls ctr the remote on the table when you are done," when giving them instructions for cleaning the house before guests arrive.


Are the Timberwolves playing at the Tgt ctr 2nite?
Yep, so u might wanna avoid downtown
You will likely ctr in messages online and in texts
You will likely ctr in messages online and in texts

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Updated August 7, 2023

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