What does CYDI stand for?

Can ya dig it

CYDI stands for "can ya dig it," which is a slang way of saying, "Do you understand?" or "Do you like it?" Most people use CYDI online, in emails, and in text messages.

The phrase "Can ya dig it?" was popularized by Cyrus in the 1979 film The Warriors. CYDI was then coined in the late-1990s and early-2000s as more people began texting and chatting online.

You will see CYDI in scenarios where someone needs confirmation from another person that they agree with or understand what was just said. For example, you may send CYDI to your friend after making plans with them or you might send CYDI after giving instructions on how to operate a vehicle and you want confirmation that they heard it.


So that's pretty much how it works... CYDI?

CYDI means can ya dig it

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Updated July 20, 2021

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