YD has 2 meanings
1. What does YD stand for in messages?

Yes dear

YD is always the appropriate acronym for husbands and boyfriends to use when responding to requests made by their significant others. For example, if a wife asks her husband to empty the dishwasher before leaving for work, the husband may text back, "YD!"

Most people use YD in texts and online messages, but they may also use it in emails to respond to a significant other (or someone they care for). For example, a wife may email her husband and ask him to pick up wine on the way home, and he replies with "YD" in the email. Wives and girlfriends may also use YD, but it is not as common.


Can you do something for me, honey?
YD, of course

YD is always the appropriate answer to your significant other

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Updated June 13, 2023
2. What does YD stand for?

Ya dig?

YD is an acronym that stands for "ya dig", which is a shortened version of CYDI. It is considered a cool way to ask someone if he agrees.

The acronym is typically used at the end of a sentence to see if the recipient agrees with the statement or question. The acronym is commonly seen in text messages, emails, and online where characters are limited and quick communication is valued.


We're going to meet up at 8:30, then leave at 9:00. YD?
YD means
YD means Ya dig?

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Updated May 17, 2018

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