What does DDSOS mean?

Different day, same old stuff


DDSOS is a way to express frustration over things that annoy you daily. For example, if you encounter technical issues at your workstation that never get fixed, you might message your co-worker, "DDSOS. I can't sign in. I'm going to lunch."

DDSOS is an extension of the SOS (same old stuff) acronym people often use when texting, messaging online, and on social media. Examples of when you might use DDSOS include messaging about a neighbor who complains too much, a roommate who constantly leaves dirty dishes, a friend who repeatedly breaks up, then gets back together with her boyfriend, and a toddler who throws tantrums every single meal.

Keep in mind that the second "S" may stand for "s***" instead of "stuff," so be mindful of who you send DDSOS.


Does your neighbor's dog always bark like that?
DDSOS workout tweet
DDSOS workout tweet

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Updated September 26, 2022

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