What does DDR stand for in gaming?

Dance Dance Revolution

Gamers use DDR as shorthand for Dance Dance Revolution, a rhythm-based game in which players dance in time to music. Typically, DDR is played using dance platforms that contain arrows that players must step on as prompted. (The arcade version of DDR, which usually features multiple metal dance platforms, is a sight to behold.)

Konami released the original version of DDR in 1998, but the game is still going strong to this day. In addition to spawning many sequels and knockoffs, DDR has cultivated a passionate fanbase, some of whom even compete in DDR tournaments. More importantly, though, DDR can still be found in most good video game arcades - where it remains one of the most exciting and dynamic games you can play.


I've got the console version of DDR and my own dance pads - playing is my new exercise regimen

DDR can get ... pretty intense

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Updated December 21, 2021

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