Do It For The Plot

What does do it for the plot mean?

Take a chance to make your life more exciting

When someone tells you to "do it for the plot," they are encouraging you to do something out of your comfort zone to add excitement and intrigue to your life. It comes from the idea that you are the main character in your story and can choose to make your life (or narrative plot) more enjoyable by choosing to do unexpected things and embrace new opportunities.

You might encounter the phrase online (like social media), in messages, and in person. For example, an influencer may post a video of themselves snorkeling on Instagram with the caption, "I did it for the plot." Or, you might be out at the bar with friends, and a cute guy asks you to dance, prompting your friends to say, "Go for it. Do it for the plot!"

Origin of do it for the plot

The "do it for the plot" phrase became popular on social media, especially TikTok, in 2022. As influencers adopted it and it started trending, it emerged as a mantra for Gen Zers, similar to the YOLO acronym. People may also simply state "For the plot."


They offered me the position but it requires me to live in New Zealand for 2 years
That sounds incredible. Are you gonna take it?
Not sure
You gotta do it for the plot so I can live vicariously through you!
A TikTok post encouraging people to do it for the plot
A TikTok post encouraging people to do it for the plot

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Updated October 18, 2023

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