What does AYOR mean in messages and online?

At your own risk

When someone says you can do something AYOR (at your own risk), it means you can do it, but you're responsible if you screw it up or hurt yourself. And there's a good chance you will.

For example, if you ask about jailbreaking your iPhone in a tech forum, a user may give instructions for jailbreaking your device but tell you to use them AYOR. This is because jailbreaking your device can void your device's warranty and leave it vulnerable to hackers.

Most people use AYOR when giving risky advice online in forums. They may also use it in texts and online messages.


You can try replacing the motherboard on your own, but you do so AYOR. It might be better to let a pro do it
Good advice. Not worth the headache to do myself
You may see "AYOR" in messages and online to mean "at your own risk"
You may see "AYOR" in messages and online to mean "at your own risk"

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Updated May 2, 2023

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