What does dressgate mean?

Controversy about the colors of a dress

Dressgate is a controversy that arose on social media about the color of a dress. The image was posted in February 2015 and quickly became a viral meme on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It sounds absurd but this controversy was real and resulted in opposing sides getting worked up over what colors they saw on the dress. The debate began when a couple of close friends differed on what color combination they saw, some of the friends saw blue and black while others saw white and gold. Caitlin McNeill posted the picture to Facebook and Tumblr to take a public poll and nearly two weeks later the picture went viral and popped up all over Facebook and Twitter with "#blueandblack," "#whiteandgold," and "#TheDress." There still has been no resolution to this matter.


I still can't believe that dressgate happened, it was definitely blue and black
Three different perspectives of the same dress that started Dressgate
Three different perspectives of the same dress that started Dressgate

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Updated June 13, 2016

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